Monterey Consan 20

Monterey Consan 20 Contact Disinfectant, Fungicide, Algaecide, & Bactericide Can be used on golf courses, turf, and lawns to control disease. Provides highly effective disease transmission prevention and disinfectant control in greenhouses, flower pots, buckets, flats and cutting tools. ACTIVE Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride AVAILABLE SIZES 4 x 1 gal BENEFITS Provides highly effective disease and disinfectant control. Highly effective disinfectant in greenhouses, work areas, benches, flower pots, buckets, flats, and for use on cutting tools to kill and prevent transmission of plant diseases and [...]

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Agrisel® Biophos Pro

Agrisel® Biophos Pro Broad Spectrum Systemic Fungicide Fully EPA labeled for use on lawns, turf and ornamentals. Controls over 25 plant and turf diseases. Can be mixed with most other common fungicides. ACTIVE Dipotassium Phosphanate, Dipotassium Phosphate AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal BENEFITS Effective Control of many ornamentals Systemic Fungicide with Foliar and Root uptake No color, odor or stains DOWNLOADABLE INFORMATION Product Label Product Safety Data Sheet [...]

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Agrisel® Chlorosel Pro 720

Agrisel® Chlorosel Pro 720 Contact Fungicide Fully labeled for agricultural crops, turf, ornamental and professional uses, reducing the need for duplicate inventories. Superior rain fast formulation contains “AGRIFACT.” Broad spectrum disease, fungus control on 100+ crops and non-crop uses. ACTIVE 54% Chlorothalonil AVAILABLE SIZES 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal CHLOROSEL PRO 720 FOR USE ON COFFEE Note: Agrisel Chlorosel Pro 720 is not registered in the United States for use on coffee because coffee is not grown in the U.S. Dilution rate [...]

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Goliath XP

Goliath XP New Generation Fungicide Two powerful chemistries for maximum disease control. Two-way combination of preventative and curative chemistries. Safe for almost all turf grasses, bermuda, St. Augustine, zoysia and fescue. ACTIVE 5.73% Azoxystrobin, 9.54% Propiconazole AVAILABLE SIZES 4 x 1 gal BENEFITS Controls over 35 fungus and diseases on turf and ornamentals. Controls major diseases on golf course turf, trees, and shrubs. Very low use rate at 1.5-3 fluid ounces per 2-4 gallons of water. Conveniently packaged in gallon containers. DOWNLOADABLE INFORMATION [...]

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