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Agrisel® QuinKill Max

Agrisel® QuinKill Max Post-Emergent Selective Herbicide Selective control of crabgrass and other unwanted grassy weeds in established residential lawns, landscapes, parks, athletic fields, sod farms and more. Labeled for perennial rye, bermuda, zoysia, fescue and other labeled turf grasses. ACTIVE 18.92% Quinclorac AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 pt 12 x 1 qt BENEFITS Conveniently packaged in smaller quart and pint sizes for easy use and smaller areas. Excellent control of post-emergent crabgrass that the pre-emergent missed. Economical to use at 1.5 fluid ounces per 1000 sq. [...]

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Agrisel® GrassOut Max

Agrisel® GrassOut Max Post-Emergent Grass Herbicide Labeled for most landscape, home/garden, ornamental, agricultural and non-crop uses. Only kills grasses, will not effect flowers, shrubs, broadleaf crops or other broadleaf plants. Effectively kills more than 50 different grasses. ACTIVE 25.4% Clethodim AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 pt 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal BENEFITS Provide effective Post Emergent grassy weed control. Fully labeled for ornamental, lawn & garden, agricultural, and landscape uses. Conveniently packed in “Tip N Pour” quarts for easy measuring and use. Kills [...]

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Agrisel® 3 Way Max

Agrisel® 3 Way Max T&O Broadleaf Herbicide Selective broadleaf weed control in turf grasses, including use on sod farms. Controls 50+ different broadleaf weed. Safe to use on all labeled grasses. Mixture of 2,4D, Dicamba & Meco Prop-P gives a much wider range of broadleaf weed control than 2,4D alone. ACTIVE 47.3% 2,4D, 8.2% Meco Prop-P, 2.3% Dicamba AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal BENEFITS Same active ingredients as “Lesco 3 Way, ” “Trimec” and “Triplet” Controls over [...]

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