Agrisel® Glufosinate 24.5

Agrisel® Glufosinate 24.5 Post-Emergent Herbicide Post-Emergent non-residual grass and weed killer. Substitute for glyphosate. ACTIVE 24.5% Glufosinate Ammonium AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal BENEFITS Kills post-emergent weeds on contact and translocates to the roots. Works fast, within 2-4 days. No soil residual. Conveniently packaged in quarts, gallons, and 2.5 gallons. Economical to use with average use rate of 1.5 ounces/gallon of water. DOWNLOADABLE INFORMATION Product Label Product Safety Data [...]

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Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Pro 41%

Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Pro 41% All Around Total Vegetation Herbicide Contains 41% glyphosate and 12.5% surfactant for fast & efficient kill. Mixes easily. Low odor. Economical to use. ACTIVE 41% Glyphosate with 12.5% Surfactant AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal 30 gal drum BENEFITS All around total vegetation herbicide labeled for use on turf and ornamental, crops, nursery, greenhouse, and landscapes. Contains 41% glyphosate with 12.5% surfactant for a fast, efficient kill. Highly economical formulation for low use rate. [...]

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Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Pro Dry 75 SG

Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Pro Dry 75 SG Post-Emergent Selective Herbicide Non-Selective, fast-acting systemic granular total vegetation weed killer. Starts working within hours, burning down and killing weeds, grasses. For homeowner, golf course, landscape, turf, ornamental and non-crop uses. ACTIVE 75% Glyphosate with Ammonium Sulfate AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 11 oz 4 x 5 lb BENEFITS Same active ingredients as our Gly-Pho-Sel Pro 41% but at a higher 75% concentration. Dehydrated Extruded Solid Granular that dissolves completely into solution. No clay residue to plug up spray nozzles for [...]

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