Agrisel® Agrifac Pro

Agrisel® Agrifac Pro Specialty General purpose non-ionic surfactant of the Alklpolyethoxyethanol type surface active agents. Cost efficient wetting agent can be used with fertilizers & herbicides with glyphosate formulations. Enhances productivity of the active spray ingredient by providing an even distribution and better wetting on the surface of the plants. ACTIVE 80% Active Ingredient AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal BENEFITS Provides the highest water penetration and distribution 90% active ingredient makes Agrifac extremely effective Increases insecticide, [...]

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Agrisel® Gladiator Rodenticide

Agrisel® Gladiator Rodenticide Neurotoxin Rodenticide A highly effective neurotoxin rodent killer. Oat based formulation causes it to be highly palatable to both mice and rats. Low dosage rate allows for no secondary kill to other animals. Kills rodents quickly with a single feeding. ACTIVE 0.05% Bromethelin AVAILABLE SIZES 2 x 130 x 0.5 oz (pellets) 1 x 320 x 0.5 oz 4 x 128 x 0.5 oz (wax blocks) BENEFITS Fast and Effective Kill of Rats and Mice. Highly palatable formulation with no resistance. Low [...]

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