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Agrisel® Bifenthrin Pro 7.9

Agrisel® Bifenthrin Pro 7.9 Contact and Systematic Insecticide EPA approved label for agricultural, turf, ornamental, and professional pest control uses. Kills and controls 125+ different insects and pests. Formulated from the highest grade of technical Bifenthrin for maximum insect and pest control. ACTIVE 7.9% Befenthrin AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 pt 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal BENEFITS Kills and controls over 125 different insects / pests. Fully EPA labeled for various uses in most markets. Has the same active ingredient as “Talstar” [...]

Agrisel® Bifenthrin Pro 7.92019-11-27T06:37:12+00:00

Agrisel® Glufosinate 24.5

Agrisel® Glufosinate 24.5 Post-Emergent Herbicide Post-Emergent non-residual grass and weed killer. Substitute for glyphosate. ACTIVE 24.5% Glufosinate Ammonium AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal BENEFITS Kills post-emergent weeds on contact and translocates to the roots. Works fast, within 2-4 days. No soil residual. Conveniently packaged in quarts, gallons, and 2.5 gallons. Economical to use with average use rate of 1.5 ounces/gallon of water. DOWNLOADABLE INFORMATION Product Label Product Safety Data [...]

Agrisel® Glufosinate 24.52019-12-08T17:29:51+00:00

Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Plus

Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Plus Post Emergent Residual Herbicide Post-emergent with a 6 month residual herbicide for use on non-crop areas such as industrial sites, driveways, fence rows, etc. ACTIVE 43.68% Glyphosate, 0.78% Imazapyr AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal BENEFITS Kills all weeds and grasses that are contacted. Kills weeds completely down to the root. Gives residual control for 6-8 months, which means no re-growth of weeds. Works fast with low use rate of 7.4 fluid ounces per [...]

Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Plus2019-11-27T06:31:54+00:00

Agrisel® Chlorosel Pro 720

Agrisel® Chlorosel Pro 720 Contact Fungicide Fully labeled for agricultural crops, turf, ornamental and professional uses, reducing the need for duplicate inventories. Superior rain fast formulation contains “AGRIFACT.” Broad spectrum disease, fungus control on 100+ crops and non-crop uses. ACTIVE 54% Chlorothalonil AVAILABLE SIZES 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal CHLOROSEL PRO 720 FOR USE ON COFFEE Note: Agrisel Chlorosel Pro 720 is not registered in the United States for use on coffee because coffee is not grown in the U.S. Dilution rate [...]

Agrisel® Chlorosel Pro 7202019-11-27T05:59:32+00:00

Agrisel® GrassOut Max

Agrisel® GrassOut Max Post-Emergent Grass Herbicide Labeled for most landscape, home/garden, ornamental, agricultural and non-crop uses. Only kills grasses, will not effect flowers, shrubs, broadleaf crops or other broadleaf plants. Effectively kills more than 50 different grasses. ACTIVE 25.4% Clethodim AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 pt 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal BENEFITS Provide effective Post Emergent grassy weed control. Fully labeled for ornamental, lawn & garden, agricultural, and landscape uses. Conveniently packed in “Tip N Pour” quarts for easy measuring and use. Kills [...]

Agrisel® GrassOut Max2019-11-27T05:59:14+00:00

Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Pro 41%

Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Pro 41% All Around Total Vegetation Herbicide Contains 41% glyphosate and 12.5% surfactant for fast & efficient kill. Mixes easily. Low odor. Economical to use. ACTIVE 41% Glyphosate with 12.5% Surfactant AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal 2 x 2.5 gal 30 gal drum BENEFITS All around total vegetation herbicide labeled for use on turf and ornamental, crops, nursery, greenhouse, and landscapes. Contains 41% glyphosate with 12.5% surfactant for a fast, efficient kill. Highly economical formulation for low use rate. [...]

Agrisel® GlyPhoSel Pro 41%2019-11-27T06:30:05+00:00
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