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Agrisel® Bifenthrin Pro 7.9

Agrisel® Bifenthrin Pro 7.9 Contact and Systematic Insecticide EPA approved label for agricultural, turf, ornamental, and professional pest control uses. Kills and controls 125+ different insects and pests. Formulated from the highest grade of technical Bifenthrin for maximum insect and pest control. ACTIVE 7.9% Befenthrin AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 pt 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal BENEFITS Kills and controls over 125 different insects / pests. Fully EPA labeled for various uses in most markets. Has the same active ingredient as “Talstar” [...]

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Grubs Away Granular Insecticide

Grubs Away Granular Insecticide Multi-Purpose Systemic Insecticide Efficient and effective systemic insecticide that can be used on lawns, in parks, schools, athletic fields, and golf courses. Kills 50+ insects. ACTIVE .5% Imidacloprid Granular AVAILABLE SIZES 30 lb/bag BENEFITS Kills over 50 different insects and is the most effective product for Grub Control Can be applied anytime between May and mid August Can be used by Landscapers Homeowners and on Golf Courses and in Parks Can be applied in any weather, rain or shine, except when [...]

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Agrisel® Carbait 5

Agrisel® Carbait 5 Broad Spectrum Contact Insecticide Fully EPA labeled for use on commercial turf, residential lawns, ornamentals and vegetables. Highly effective granular attractant for superior insect control. Economical due to low use rate. Best Army Worm control available. ACTIVE 5% Carbaryl AVAILABLE SIZES 40 lb bag BENEFITS Kills and controls a broad range of insects. Highly effective granular attractant provides superior insect control. Labeled for use in turf, lawns, ornamentals and vegetables. Low use rate makes Carbait 5 economical to use. 1 bag covers [...]

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