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Agrisel® Bifenthrin Pro 7.9

Agrisel® Bifenthrin Pro 7.9 Contact and Systematic Insecticide EPA approved label for agricultural, turf, ornamental, and professional pest control uses. Kills and controls 125+ different insects and pests. Formulated from the highest grade of technical Bifenthrin for maximum insect and pest control. ACTIVE 7.9% Befenthrin AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 pt 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal BENEFITS Kills and controls over 125 different insects / pests. Fully EPA labeled for various uses in most markets. Has the same active ingredient as “Talstar” [...]

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Agrisel® Lambda-Cy Pro 9.7 CS

Agrisel® Lambda-Cy Pro 9.7 CS Controlled Release Insecticide for Poultry Used in, on, and around buildings & structures for the control of pests. It can also be used on lawns, ornamental trees, shrubs & around residential, institutional, agricultural, poultry houses, and industrial buildings. Highly effective yet safe for parks, recreational areas and athletic fields. ACTIVE 9.7% Lambda-Cyhalothrin AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt BENEFITS Highly active ingredient 9.7 Lambda-Cyhalothrin Kills and controls 55 different insects including mosquitoes, ants, spiders, cock roaches, flies, fleas, ticks, termites, [...]

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Agrisel® ImidaPro 2SC

Agrisel® ImidaPro 2SC Multi Purpose Broad Spectrum Systemic Insecticide For use on lawns, in/around nurseries, athletic fields, greenhouses, and golf courses. Kills and controls 100+ kinds of insects by contact and systemic action. Mixes easily. Low odor. ACTIVE 21.4% Imidacloprid AVAILABLE SIZES 12 x 1 qt 4 x 1 gal BENEFITS Same Active ingredient as Merit. Kills and controls over 100 different chewing and sucking insects such as grubs, mole crickets, etc. Can be used on lawns, nurseries, greenhouses, golf courses, and more. Mixes easily [...]

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